Neither one of these kids like for me to take their picture.  I am going to have to come up with some kind of bribe.


Here are photos taken on evening at the lake here in Norfolk, NE.

These photos were taken early one morning in Houston at  Hermann Park.  I took a little time off of my job and Miss L, her mom and I walked over to the park. 

I love taking photos when no one knows the camera is around.  This is exactly what happened with this photo. 

A kissable is a collage of a newborn babies body parts.  Nose, eyes, hands, etc. 

This couple was special to me because the woman was my daughter’s last day care teacher.  My daughter really liked her “school” and now that we have moved from Houston to Nebraska I am a SAHM (stay at home mom).  

This was my first engagement session and they made it so easy.  He was a big Teddy Bear.  I did get some out of focus shots because he kept making me laugh.

I have had a love for dogs and these dogs were so easy to photograph.  The names of these dogs are Rhett and Scarlet. 

My daughter was the flower girl at my niece’s wedding.  This was a beautiful setting for a wedding in Phoenix. 

Here is a storyboard I did to hang in my daughter’s room. 

I also went to a workshop by the amazing Skye Hardwick when she was in Orlando, FL.  We had lots of models to practice on but I think this is my favorite photo.  This girl was very surprised when she turned around to see what all the noise was about.

I went to a photography workshop that Audrey Woulard had.  What an awsome photographer.

She had several models for us to photograph and here are a few photos that I took of these great looking boy.s



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